Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Prophet Kevin& Karen Leal.


Please fill out this form with the information of your church and event, and we will contact you for arranging the final details. 

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The details for hosting Kevin and Karen as guest speakers are as follows:


Travel Expenses - Coach class Airline tickets purchased for Kevin and Karen, as they minister as a team. In order to save you money, when available and practical, we book the most cost and time effective flights and the church will reimburse them prior to departing your city. Kevin prefers to fly with Delta airlines when available.

Meals – We ask that meals be provided by your ministry.  Kevin & Karen enjoy dining with the Pastors &staff when possible for fellowship, in order to achieve maximum impact and productivity in the church.

Accommodations - Hotel accommodations should be provided by your ministry.  Kevin requests a king size bed in a non-smoking room in a clean hotel.

Services - Kevin generally preaches or teaches and flows in prophetic ministry. He requests that as much as possible, time be available in order not to quench the flow. It is difficult to allow the Holy Spirit freedom to minister when time restraints are put upon the time of ministry.

Honorarium - Kevin prefers that an opportunity be granted for him to receive a love offering at the end of every meeting as the honorarium.  However, other arrangements can be made if so desired. The pastor may speak directly with Kevin concerning this matter.  

Translation – While ministering in Spanish speaking churches, Kevin has an interpreter, Elmer Garcia who is from Guatemala. He is highly efficient and professional and interprets for many well-known ministries in Latin America. Kevin prefers this so that your interpreters will be free to receive ministry as well. Elmer will require a hotel room, honorarium and airfare.                                                                                                

Kevin and Karen realize the impact of team ministry, this is why they prefer to travel as a team and allow the Holy Spirit to manifest fully in their combined gifts and anointing. Their desire is not to just minister and depart, but to build the House of God with an understanding of son-ship and discipleship and establish lifelong relationships with other ministers of like vision. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (850) 475-8877 and we’ll be glad to assist you in any way possible. Thank you.